Ready to Wear Hand-Made Belts

Brown Bear Denim is the place to be if you are on the lookout for hand-made genuine leather belts in Hong Kong. We have a large variety of trendy belts available for you to purchase online or at our store in Mira Place.


All of our belts are ready to wear and are the ultimate fashion statement and accessory to complement our customizable and personalized denim jeans.

A Chic Selection of Materials

From the finest leather to our specialty denim, we offer a wide range of hand-made belts crafted from different materials that accentuate a person’s style, while adding a touch of flair.


We offer the following materials for our belts:


Nubuck – The premium choice when it comes to leather and the smoothest to the touch


Suede – Soft, elegant, and instantly recognizable, our hand-made suede belts are absolute classics


Denim – The material we specialize in, our denim belts are the epitome of versatility. They can be worn both sides, meaning they are reversible!